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Roma Rosso Federici DOC

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Product Description

Wine: Roma Rosso Federici DOC

Winery:  Federici

Country:  Italy

Region:  Rome

Wine Type:  Red

Varietal: Montepulciano, Sangiovese

Box Content: 6×750

Catalog Number: 50011


Characteristics: Colour: Purplish red with hints of aubergine. Nose: Intense notes of ripe red fruit, especially cherry, blackberry and plum. Hints of spice and vanilla resulting from ageing in wood.
Palate: A wine of good complexity, excellent balance between strength and structure, elegance and harmony. Great evolutionary potential and persistence of flavours. Pairing: Spiced grilled meat and specialities from the Roman culinary tradition: animelle with artichokes, tripe alla romana, coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew) and coratella (offal).

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Sangiovese Grosso,


Il Poggiolo

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